Reggae Drum Loops App Reviews

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Not bad

I'm giving this app 4 because I only need one beat, and this has at least one good loop. But you should know that at least two of the 6 main loops are flawed (the verse 1 and the verse 4 beat). The developer needs to fix those loops so they're actually in time. Right now it's like playing with a drummer that screws up at the same time on every measure.

Dis appah zappah be true

luv me de loops mon


A genius app that should be downloaded by every musician. Thanks for the creativity and thought that went into this very useful and fun tool.

Sounds Good...but...

Sounds good, but there's no BPM indicators; you have to guess at what the tempo is if you are trying to play along with another. Please add BPM indicators.

Got Reggae?

This clever Ap is nothing short of a blast especially when I plug my phone into speakers. The volume is still cool if it's just the phone however. Best feature aside from the cool reggae slips is the ability to control the tempo. Must have played with this for an hr. straight completely Jamaican my girlfriend crazy Mon... Sorry for my bad jokes! This Ap is the real deal and fun to pull out at a party... True story

Good beats, loud bass, still not audio us compatible

Just bought this when I saw it had been updated after so long, and had audiobus integration. However, it doesn't show up for any AB slot. Also, the lows are super heavy on the kick drums. I like the beats but this could still use some work.

Back with another one of those.....

On point!!!

Beats upon beats

Great little free app for those who remember dub before dub-step


App is absolutely great! I have been trying to break into reggae for a bit, but it's hard finding a solid drummer. Downloaded this app, poof no need for a drummer

Good loops, no way to use them really

Maybe make a way to string the loops together and make a song? Sheesh mon. Bambaclat.

Don't bother

Waste of time.

I wan my $0.99 back!!!

Worthless!! Should be taken off App Store! I think you could almost count all the loops on one hand, tempo clock just stupid.

Loved it...while it worked!

It was working great and I used it a lot for about a week. Came back after a week, and it just hangs on the title screen. Bummer if I have to buy it again.....but I would as I like it. I know its only a dollar, but it should work, right?

Not good

Waste of money on a few loops. I wish i could get my money back.


Cool useful beats for sketches BUT no specific BPM...not cool.

Pretty good app

I can't see using it other than for reference as a drummer, but it's still pretty good

Not very good

Just a few beats here... Ok to toy with but no real serious value


Great ap for any musician who enjoys proper roots.... Needs tempo changer... Some cuts don't groove together.

Precisely the app I needed.

I just needed a loop background for practicing guitar. This worked fantastically. The download was a bit long--but well worth it. Perhaps you could make an mp3 version. Thanks for this free app!

Pretty swell

Awesome and free?? It's going to be a good Easter! Can't wait to see more free loops

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